Burlington Wrestling ***Burlington, Wisconsin***

Youth: Registration has begun for the 2016-2017 youth wrestling club. First Deadline is 10/22. Registrations received by this date will have approx. delivery of Late December for uniform. (Registrations received 10/23-12/1 will have approx. delivery of Late January.)
First practice for K-5th is Monday 11/28. See sidebar "Register for Club Wrestling" for more info.

Middle School 6th-8th: First practice is Monday 10/31. Email Coach Mike Wallace: mwallace@basd.k12.wi.us.

High School: First practice is Monday November 14th. Email Coach Jade Gribble: jgribble@basd.k12.wi.us.



Max Ehlen – Runner-up in the 125 lb. Division ‘01/’02. 
Jake Skrundz – Runner-up in the 120 lb. Division ‘01/’02. 
Ben Kumprey – Runner-up in the 110 lb. Division ‘01/’02. 
All 3 finals matches were heartbreakers lost in the last few seconds. 

Grant Otter – 3rd Place in the 120 lb. Division ‘05/06.
Kade Boyd – 5th Place in the 75 lb. Division ‘07/’08.
Grant Koenen – 6th Place in the 90 lb. Division ‘01/’02.
There were some Awesome battles. All our qualifiers should all be proud!

2015-2016 Youth Results:

Folkstyle State Placewinners:

Max Ehlen – STATE CHAMP at ‘02/’03 105 lbs.

Qwade Gehring – State Runner up at ‘02/’03 110 lbs.
Zach Wallace – 3rd Place ‘02/’03 100 lbs.
Ben Kumprey – 5th Place ‘02/’03 85 lbs.
Evan Gill – 5th Place ‘06/’07 48 lbs.
Zach Weiler – 6th Place ‘00/’01 105 lbs.

Freestyle/Greco State Placewinners:

Jaden Bird – State Champ freestyle schoolboy 70 lbs
Ben Hornickle – State Champ freestyle & greco junior 138 lbs

Josh Bird – 2nd 
Zach Weiler –  2nd 
Jared Bird –3rd 
Hegeman Tiedt – 3rd 
Ben Kumprey – 5th
Jake Skrundz – 5th

Hegeman Tiedt – 2nd 
Jaden Bird – 2nd
Jared Bird – 3rd
Jake Skrundz – 3rd
Zach Weiler – 5th

High School:


Thank you for visiting. This site is meant to be a comprehensive site for all of Burlington Wrestling. Burlington is located in southeastern Wisconsin. Please stop frequently to see the changes, get directions and links to wrestling tournaments in the area, get updates on how the wrestlers are doing, and to inquire on open wrestling. Burlington Wrestling are members of USA Wrestling so if you have valid usa wrestling card you are welcome to the mat and may attend our practices. Please email any questions comments or suggestions you may have. 
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